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Emulation-What it is

What is emulation?  Well, it's when something (in this case a 
computer) acts like something else (another computer, or an old
arcade machine...).  On this page I'm putting links to some of
my favorite emulation sites, where you can pick up the programs
you need to play ROMs (games) of the old games you love.  There
are emulators for Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, Game 
Boy, N64, Sega Genesis, Game Gear and Master System, Sony 
Playstation, Atari machines, and many other console machines and 
even old arcade machines.  

I've searched the web for good Emulation sites and I've put the 
ones I go to most on this page, along with an index of sites in 
case you'd like to find more information or other sites with 
emulation-related information.  

Emulation Links

-Emulation Excitement-Good Site for Programs-
-Nintendo ROMs-Great Site for Roms-
-Lord G's Emulation Site-Hard to Find Pokemon Roms-
-Game Quest-Index of Emu Sites-
-Internex Emulators-Up and Coming-

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