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The Mercury Children

The Mercury Children are Jesse Cameron on vocals, Jason Scott on lead guitar, Josh Hughes on bass, and Matt Wilbanks on drums. We are located in Corinth, MS. We have many influences and we strive to be original in all the music we write.

Jason is originally from California. He took up guitar at age 11 and has been trying hard to become the best he can be. After a few failed attempts at a band, he met up with Matt and they've been a band for about 2 years.

Matt is a local. He's been playing drums for about 5 or 6 years and has also had many failed bands, from blues to praise and worship to just who-knows-what-style bands.

Jesse is new to the band scene. He plays and loves music, but has not been in a band until now. He has the drive and desire to make this band work. He will be the principal person working on the melodies in the band, but will also write guitar parts.

Josh is not a newcomer...he has been in two bands that I know of, both of which didn't work out. He is a great bassist, I know from experience, and he likes the music we like. He will be able to add lots to the music.

We, the Children, incorporate all styles into our material. We love almost all kinds of music, from Punk to Metal to Electronic, and we try to show that we do.

-Jason- -Matt- -Jesse-

-The Band-