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As you can see I've added frames...which may be a blessing 
to some, a curse to others.  Personally, I like them better, 
and with all the pages I have, it helps me organize them 
better.  Have fun, and take a look at all the links I have.
Thanks to the Wizard of OZZ for helping me with frames!!!


Jason's Links

Mercury Children Songs
Mercury Children Equipment Page
Mercury Children Members Information
Mercury Children Home
Jason's Music Theory Page
Jason's X-Wing VS. Tie Fighter Page
Jason's Emulation Page
Scott Farris' Page
The Bob Corner: Bod Mould of Husker Du
Brian Glasgow's Homepage
Roxanne's Free Web Graphics
Ozzy Osbourne and Guitarists
Berkeley Systems, makers of You Don't Know Jack
Nick at Nite
Saigon Kick, one of my favorite bands
Ozzy Net
Raymond's Diablo Page