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-Pallet Town: First, go to Ash's computer and withdraw the Pokemon
potion.  Next. try to leave Pallet Town.  Professor Oak will come and
take you back to his office.  There you will choose one of three
pokemon; charmander, bulbasaur, or squirtle.  Then you will have to
fight Gary, Professor Oak's grandson.

-Viridian City: The last gym (#8) is here, but you can't go there until you've passed all the other gyms. Go to the mart and get Professor Oak's package. You must go back to Pallet Town. You will then get the Pokedex and get a map from Gary's sister. You can also get to the Pokemon League here.

-Viridian Forest: You have your first serious pokemon battles here. Make sure you are careful and, if possible, have potions and pokeballs as there are many kinds of pokemon, including Pikachu, here.

-Pewter City: Brock is here. Make sure your pokemon are at about level 12. You get a TM containing Bide from him. Go to the museum and talk to the townsfolk.

-Mt. Moon: These caves are tough to find your way through. Beware of Team Rocket! Go here for maps of Mt. Moon.

-Cerulean City: There is a bike shop here, but do not despair; you will get a bike voucher from a Pokemon Fan Club. Go and beat the five pokemon trainers and Team Rocket on Route 25, as well as the other trainers, and visit Bill. Misty is next. After all this visit the ransacked house and get Dig from the man. Use the under- ground tunnel to get to Vermillion City and the S.S. Anne.

-Vermillion City: Go to the old man's house; he will give you an old rod. A little kid will trade a Farfetch'd for a Spearow. The Pokemon Fan Club is here, so don't forget your bike voucher!

-S.S. Anne: Use the ticket from Bill to get aboard and battle all of the trainers for lots of experience. After your fight with Gary, go to the Captain and get Cut. Go back to the Vermillion Gym and find the two switches to fight Lt. Surge. You will get TM24 when you win.

-Diglett's Cave: Go east to Route 11 from Vermillion City. You will find that there is a sleeping pokemon up ahead. Go to the observing tower at the toll gate and get Flash from Professor Oak's aide (if you have 15 pokemon). You need it for Rock Tunnel.

-Rock Tunnel: Go back to Cerulean City and go east. Get the TM near the entrance of Route 9. There is a pokemon center near the entrance at Rock Tunnel. Use Flash to light the tunnel and Dig or use Escape Rope to leave the cave if you get in trouble.

-Lavender Town: Pokemon Tower, a place for dead pokemon, is here. The spirits are restless lately. You need a Silph Scope to identify the ghosts. You can find this at the Rocket's Hideout in Celadon City. The Pokemon Volunteer Center is here. Mr. Fuli's missing, so you'll have to come back later.

-Celadon City: The Game Corner (Rocket Hideout) is here. Celadon Mansion has a back door. If you follow it you can find Eevee, a rare pokemon. Go to the diner and receive a coin case for the Game Corner. The Department Store is huge. On the top roof you can get cool drinks to bribe the toll guards with. The Celadon Gym is full of girls, and is a good place for experience and a TM21. -Game Corner: To see maps for the Rocket's Hideout, go here.

-Pokemon Tower: Now you can identify ghosts with the Silph Scope. Go to the seventh floor and save Mr. Fuji. He will give you the pokeflute, with which you can awaken Snorlax!

-Saffron City: After giving a drink to the guard you can enter Saffron City. If you've kicked Rocket out of Game Corner and Pokemon Tower you can enter Silph Co. Go here to see maps. You get a master ball here. After battling here, check out all of the previously blocked buildings in Saffron.

-Fuschia City: Home of the Safari Zone. Find the Warden's teeth in Area 3 of the Safari Zone and he will give you HM04, which contains Strength. Fight Kogaat the gym. Also, get a Good Rod from the Fishing Guru's Brother.

Pikachu has seen you times.