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A site dedicated to one of the best bands, period.

Welcome to my Saigon Kick website.  Saigon Kick is one of the best 
bands in the world, period.  If you don't believe me buy one of 
their albums and find out for yourself.  They can do so many styles 
of music, from rock, pop, metal, jazz, electronic, and classical
all mixed up together.  They're great, and really very talented. 
They should be bigger and better known then they are...but lots of 
people like musicians that just copy other musicians and are not 
original (I will not name any names...).  Just kick back, check this
site out and if you are impressed go find one of their CDs and see 
how good they really are!! I now have some tabs up of their songs,
and will continue to add until I have all of their songs up here
for guitarists.  Please check out the tabs and tell me what you


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