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Welcome to my new X-Wing VS. Tie Fighter page!

Hello again! I've added a page on the ships...right now its just pictures, but soon I hope to have information on all the ships up here. Also, sorry about the manuvers's taking longer than expected, and with me being back in school (Senior year) I will have trouble updating as much as I want to. My ICQ number is 2574134, and my email is Please feel free to contact me. If you would like to join the Jedi Revolution please use the link at left and when joining tell them JR_Homeslice sent you. If you would like to see my wing's webpage please go to Dark Star Squadron Homepage at left. If you would like to play me sometime, contact me or go to and look for me. I'm JR_Homeslice. My favorite craft (which I'm still learning how to fly to its potential) is the X-Wing, but can also fly the Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor excellently.

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