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Zakk Wylde

At only 19 he was brought into the spotlight with Ozzy Osbourne and became one of the most respected guitarists in music today. His extensive knowledge of theory and technical mastery has amazed many, and frightened many more. On the five Ozzy Osbourne albums he has given his talent on, this aptly named New Jersey native has shown that techinique and talent, as well as heart and soul, are still king in the music world. Now that he is on his own, recording and performing his own material, he is out to show his more personal side.

Wylde Links

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Zakk Wylde Official Homepage
WWW.OZZMAN.COM: Tabulature

Zakk's Setup


Multiple Les Pauls, all fitted with EMG 81 (bridge) and 85 (neck)
pickups, strung with GHS 10's. 


Marshall JCM 800
Zakk has used various Lee Jackson equipment in the past:
Metaltronix rack equipment
Ampeg amplifiers designed by Lee Jackson
Marshalls modified by Lee Jackson


Two Boss CH-1 Chorus units
Boss Super Overdrive
Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal
Dunlop Rotovibe 

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