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Welcome back! Well, some big news today...we have a new member. He is Jesse Cameron, and he is our new vocalist, and may play some guitar and keyboards. Also, we have a bassist! He is Josh Hughes. So, now we are a full band, and will be soon recording our material as soon as we finish it and make it as good as we can. We have almost one song finished, and when we arrange it and record it we'll put a snip of it up here on the site so you can hear us! We will have at least an 8 song tape, maybe a few more, it just depends on how it works out. We have 15 or 16 skeletons to work with, so please bear with us. We will be picking what we feels is our best material at the moment. Also we will be changing our name. We haven't solidified anything yet, but it looks as if the new name may be Kafka Capote. Keep visiting to stay up to date on us.

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